[Manuscript Title Transfer for an 18th-Century Pulqueria in Zempoala, Mexico]

Mexico City: 1773. Manuscript broadside, approximately 12 x 7.75 inches. Light edge wear, minor foxing and staining. Accomplished in a highly legible script. Very good. Item #4718

An attractive manuscript transfer of title for a pulqueria in 18th-century Zempoala, northeast of Mexico City and south of Pachuca. Zempoala was the heartland for production of the traditional Aztec fermented beverage, though at the beginning of the 21st century there remained only one producer in the area. The present document transfers ownership of the Hacienda de Tecajete and its Pulqueria de Arbol from Antonio Garcia to his neighbor, Diego Alvares Garcia. The hacienda was established east of Zempoala in the late 16th century, and its grounds and buildings were developed over the next three hundred years until it was one of the country's largest producers of pulque during the Porfiriato (and was owned by one of Diaz's generals). Although the estate is no longer a producer, it is designated a Mexican heritage site for its history and architecture. The text here reads:

"Mexico, Año de 1773. Título de la Hazienda de Tecaxete y Pulqueria del Arbol que en Jurisdiccion de Zempuala, la dicha Haz[iend]a y en esta Ciudad la referida Pulqueria, quedaron por Bienes de Dn. Antonio Garcia, y se le remataron a Dn. Diego Albares Garcia, vecino, y del comercio de esta Ciudad."

The document is illustrated by an anthropomorphized, smiling sun and several manuscript flourishes at the foot of the sheet. Overall, a very interesting manuscript broadside for a significant hacienda and pulqueria of 18th-century Mexico.

Price: $1,500.00