Item #4504 Demos. A Journal of Democratic Socialism [May 1944 / June-July 1944]. Socialists, Conscientious Objectors.

Demos. A Journal of Democratic Socialism [May 1944 / June-July 1944]

North Fork, Ca. 1944. Two issues, 7pp. & 9pp., respectively. Stapled. Printed mailing self-wrappers on verso of final page, addressed, stamped, and cancelled. Previously folded. Minor wear and dust soiling. Very good. Item #4504

Two issues of an extremely scarce pacifist, socialist newsletter, printed and distributed by inmates at Civilian Public Service Camp #35 in North Fork, California, during World War II. The issues contain various articles relating to politics, the war, and pacifism, but both lead with passionate diatribes for "revolutionary socialism" and "system of slavery" brought about by the incarceration of conscientious objectors in work camps. In the headline articles for the June-July 1944 issue present here, the editorialist opines:

"The remarkable thing about the Civilian Public Service program is this incredible amount of work which is accomplished minus the pecuniary incentives which, we are told, are so vital to the functioning of our 'free enterprise' system. Obviously less tangible incetives are at play, and these vary according to the individual.... Yet the work gets done, and for the same rare of pay for everyone -- no pay at all. It gets done, on the whole, as thoroughly and efficiently as would be the case in private industry."

Other articles include submissions from inmates at other camps concerning the prospect of peace, the end of the war and future pacifist political action; a lengthy piece concerning the legal cases being brought again Japanese internment; book reviews; a promotion of food campaigns for European children and war refugees; and several advertisements for socialist political meetings and other pacifist publications. Extremely interesting material and quite scarce; we locate only three issues of this publication and the University of Michigan, and one in the Peace Collection at Swarthmore.

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