Item #4051 Charge of the Colored Troops - San Juan [caption title]. African Americana, Spanish-American War.

Charge of the Colored Troops - San Juan [caption title]

Chicago: James Lee, 1907. Chromolithographic poster, 15.75 x 20 inches. Minor loss from worming to lower right quadrant, a few small chips. Very good. Item #4051

A classic "Uplift poster from the pre-World War I era, giving a vivid (if likely fantasized) depiction of the famed 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers advancing on the enemy during the Battle of San Juan Hill. This was the first thoroughly integrated military campaign in U.S. history. Though Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders has historically received the most (somewhat misplaced) credit for the American victory in this decisive battle, the 10th Cavalry fought with legendary gallantry, losing twenty-six members of the regiment and earning five Medals of Honor among the company. "Uplift" posters such as these were published in great numbers during this period and through the Great War, celebrating the patriotism, success, and upward mobility of the African American.

Price: $2,250.00