Rains-Wood-Hopkins Combination 1 Inch = 1000 Varas

Fort Worth: Logan Map Company, [ca. 1927]. Large blue line map, 34 x 36.5 inches. Folded. Scattered contemporary pencil annotations. Light tanning. Very good plus. Item #1997

A large and impressively detailed land map of portions of three counties in northeastern Texas, between Dallas and Texarkana. The map shows sections of Rains, Wood, and Hopkins Counties where they abut one another near the tiny town of Yantis, and delineates all the property lots in the area, their acreage, their owners, and the possessors of mineral rights, if any. Many of the major Texas oil companies, such as Gulf , Sun, Shell, and Texaco, amongst others, had already secured rights in this area at the time this map was produced, and it seems clear that its principal use was as a guide to mineral rights in these three counties (which may also account for its somewhat odd coverage area at the convergence of three counties). The publishers, Logan Map Co. of Fort Worth, seem to have published a series of similar county and "combination" maps during the late 1920s, all quite scarce. We locate approximately two dozen of their maps in OCLC, all recorded in only one or two copies; we find no copies of the present map.

Price: $975.00

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