Ibex-Moran-Putnam Fields. Published and for Sale by the Oil City Map Co. Texas, Oil.

Ibex-Moran-Putnam Fields. Published and for Sale by the Oil City Map Co.

Fort Worth: Oil City Map Co., [ca. 1930]. Large blue line map, 34.25 x 27.5 inches. Folded. Scattered contemporary pencil annotations. Minor wear and a couple of short separations along fold lines. Small cut into neat line near upper right corner. Very good. Item #1996

Rare and detailed oil map of the oil fields in Shackelford and Callahan Counties, just east of Abilene, Texas. The map indicates the locations of well being drilled, those producing, gas wells, dry holes, and abandoned wells. The owners of the mineral rights are named, and well as many of the surface owners, which include various railroads, and also the Lunatic Asylum. Deaf & Dumb Asylum, Bayland Orphan Asylum, and other institutions. A large number of the producing wells, both oil and gas, were owned by Texas Company (Texaco), the Magnolia Petroleum Co., but many major and small oil companies had obtained mineral rights on lands in the area when this map was produced. The area around the town of Moran, as indicated by the number of wells in the vicinity, was one of the major sites of oil production in Texas during the 1920s, and was indicative of the spread of the oil business to the western and southern portions of the state during that decade. The publishers of this map, the Oil City Map Company of Fort Worth, were not particularly prolific -- we locate six examples of their other cartographic work, all recorded in single institutional copies, and no copies of the present map.

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