Roosevelt County, New Mexico. New Mexico, Oil.

Roosevelt County, New Mexico

El Paso: R.M. Metcalfe Co., [ca. 1930]. Blueprint map, 21.5 x 16.5 inches. Annotated in several colors of pencil. Old folds, minor wear and soiling. Contemporary ownership inscription. Very good. Item #1756

Large blueprint map of Roosevelt County, New Mexico, published early in the state's oil history, indicating oil wells and leases. Roosevelt County is located on the border with Texas, due west of Lubbock. The present map could be purchased from map publishers R.M. Metcalfe Company of El Paso for $1 on paper and $2 on cloth. A manuscript key indicates sections of the county that are available for lease, leases with royalties, and fees minus royalties, with the cost of each. Claimed parcels are indicated on the map in green colored pencil, the largest of these belonging to Amerada. Other companies represented include Magnolia, Greathouse, Transcontinental, and Delmar. In addition to oil information, the map is printed with township lines, railroads, rivers, and towns. Oil exploration in New Mexico began in 1922, with major strikes in 1928. The present map shows just four oil wells in the county, all in the drilling phase of production. They belong to the Great Western Oil Co., Roosevelt Oil Co., "Nu Mex Oil Co.", and John Dabl. A contemporary ownership inscription at the top reads, "Glenn Myers, San Angelo [Tx]." Unsurprisingly, not located in OCLC.

Price: $950.00

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